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Manufacturer of textile solutions

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Where the whole field of possibilities in textile solutions is revealed  

Sotexpro has been a French manufacturer of non-flammable upholstery fabrics since 1973

Based in Panissières in the Loire region since the very beginning, we develop collections of fabrics that can meet both the technical and decorative needs of establishments that are open to the public. From choice of yarns to weaving, digital printing and bespoke manufacturing, we boast all the skill and expertise you need for a whole range of textile projects.

Research and development are at the heart of what we do. We are constantly seeking new developments to meet every technical requirement: non-flammable, black-out, thermal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, recycled… All are developed in close collaboration with our artistic direction team to ensure that our collections are not just technical but on-trend too!

To do this, we employ a range of in-depth French skills and expertise and we are committed to safeguarding local know-how:

  • a fleet of looms for weaving both plain and Jacquard fabrics in normal and extra wide widths
  • latest generation equipment for extra wide digital sublimation printing
  • integrated manufacturing workshop with qualified staff
Acteur France Terre Textile

Member of France Terre Textile

We carry the France Terre Textile label, which states that at least 75% of the production stages for the certified item take place in France.

This is why we are keen to set up our laboratory in the heart of Paris, so that we can be closer to you and help you realise your textile projects.

Years experience

Different textile products*



*Fabric/Design/Colour options

Imagine, think, create…

Our new home-from-home in Paris is a place where talking and working together can bring your ideas to life!

The Lab’ works like a kaleidoscope, inviting you to look at your projects through the prism of all our manufacturing and artistic skills and expertise. And that’s where you’ll see the whole amazing range of possibilities we can offer your projects. Imagine, think, create…

That’s the whole purpose of the Lab’: together we can share, exchange…and create!

A place for sharing & dialogue

It’s a place where you can come and work, create your mood boards, pick up your samples, or leaf through our fabric library (a comprehensive collection of all the technical information for our products).


Customisation & Samples

1001 colours, materials or designs… The Lab’ offers an infinite number of combinations, some of which will be brought to life in our collections, while others will remain available as avenues to explore – maybe they’ll be able to inspire your own ideas!

Guidance and support

Make an appointment to discuss your project with our consultant, who will be delighted to advise and support you. 

Come and meet us in PARIS


The SOTEXPRO Lab’ is where your skills and expertise meet ours, and the result is simply fabulous textile projects, no more, no less!
Make an appointment

Make an appointment to discuss your project with our consultant, who will be delighted to advise and support you. Whether it’s a specific request, a detailed response to technical specifications, or explanations of the standards imposed by ERP systems, for example, we are there to help..

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